Delectably Yours Returns and Exchange Policy: Bottom Line; Our Mistake We Make It Right!

Please read all descriptions carefully and in the entirety. This will avoid costly unnecessary returns. If what you need to know is not presented, please ask. We welcome all questions and the only silly ones are the ones not asked.

You must contact us for an Return Authorization Number (RA#) prior to sending any item(s) back for any reason. All return requests must be made within 10 days of receipt of your package. We have imposed the 10 day stipulation to protect you as many of our suppliers will not accept a return after 2 weeks. Please include your order number, name, items your returning and the reason why.

DO NOT - Ship any item back to us or the manufacturer with out pre-authorazation and instructions from us. Failure to follow this rule can result in forfiture of your refund or exchage. We process many orders and we must follow various manufacturer's policies in order to process your exchage or refund. If you have any questions please call our friendly customer service or email Our manufacturer's receive many returns a day from many retailers. If the proper documentation is not included with your return they will have no way of knowing which retailer your package is coming from.

Free Shipping on Items Returned: Original shipping and any manufacturer's handling charges will be deducted from your refund for any item returned or exchanged that shipped to you free. Shipping is a 3rd party fee that we incur on your behalf. We do not receive a refund from UPS or FedEx when you return an item. Bedding and area rugs can be very heavy and are typically in oversize packaging which increases the cost of shipping. The actual cost to ship these items can be from $20 - $92+ depending on your location.

Stock Items - can only be returned or exchanged for the full value minus shipping to you and back to us if they are in the original packaging in the condition in which you received.

Defective or Incorrect Item - However rare it does happen once in a while. At times we may request a photo to show the defect. We will ship out a replacment to you at our cost once we have received the defective item back from you. We will send a call tag to pick up the incorrect item. Please have it in the packaging ready for pick up prior to the shipper arriving. Shipping both ways will be our expense as we do not want to inconvenience you for a manufacturer's defect.

Size or Color - If you are returning an item due to size, color or simply do not care for please note most manufacturers charge a restocking fee from 15% - 20%. This fee along with any 3rd party shipping charges and manufacturer's handling fees will be deducted from your refund. HomeMax Bedding & Accessories, Hi End Accents, Rose Tree and Victor Mill Bedding is Non-Returnable for any reason other than a manufacturer's defect.

Miss-Use in Opening Packages - Please be especially careful opening boxes with soft good inside such as bedding or window treatments. Use of a knife or box opener may result in damage to the product. We will not grant refunds or credit nor be responsible for miss-use in opening the package resulting in damage. Custom Items and Special Orders - Are typically noted at the bottom of the items description page as such or as shipped from the manufacturer. They can only be exchanged for the same item if there is a verifiable manufacturer's defect.

NON RETURNABLE ITEMS - Not Stocked Special Orders or Made-To-Order items for any other reason than a manufacturer's defect. HiEnd Accents are special order items. Victor Mill Bedding is Made to Order - Items from these companies are non-returnable. Please see specifics on Victor Mill Here.  Victor Mill, HomeMax, Hi End Accents and Rose Tree Bedding are non-returnable for any reason other than a verifyable manufacturer's defect.

Clearance Items - Are non returnable unless a verifiable manufacturers defect item may be exchaned for the same. Area Rugs - Can be returned for color, size or you simply do not care for. The restocking fee varies per manufacturer. A min. 15% restocking fee is charged at all times. The actual cost incurred for shipping the rug to you will be deducted from your refund along with the restocking fee. The return shipping fee is at your expense. Be aware an 8' x 10' and larger rugs cost to ship can be up to $92 depending on your location.

Bedding Soft Goods - Must be un-open in the original packaging and follow return procedures. Sheets that are open are non-returnable. Verifiable manufacturer's defect are a rare occurance and will be exchanged only for the same item. All manufacturer's charge a 15 - 20% restocking fee that will be deducted from your refund along with 3rd party shipping and/or handling fees. Made to order bedding is not returnable. All items are inspected upon return. If your return is found dirty including lint, hair, pet hair or with odors it may be rejected for refund by the manufacturer's inspector at their discretion. They may return the item to you at your cost. This is a rare occurance and it is unfortunate that we must note this. Stating the item must be new in the original packaging should be understandable. Federal regulations stipulate if the item has been out of the packaging, or on your bed however breif constitues the item is no longer new and can not be resold as such. Please respect this as you not want to receive used bedding when making your purchase.

Receipt of Refund - Please allow up to 30 days for processing of your refund. All returned items must be inspected and re-packaged prior to issuing refunds. Once we have verified your item was returned to us in re-sellable condition we will issue the refund to you in the manor the payment was received. If we find your item has been used or is not in re-sellable condition we reserve the option to return the item to you at your expense.

Item Descriptions’ & Color - We make every effort to accurately describe all items. However, once in a while, hopefully not often, there may be a "typo", size, weight, etc.. We're human too and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please work with us and we will do the same in return. Please be aware that actual colors may vary from those shown on your screen due to differences in display graphics from one monitor to another. Rugs, carpets, fabrics and some painted items may differ from one dye lot to the next. We can not be responsible for color differences. If unsure of a color, please ask. Many times fabric swatches are available or order a pillow to check color. We do not refund third party shipping charges under any circumstance other than a verifiable manufacturer's defect. Color differences on computer monitors are not defects.

Please email us at with any questions prior to purchasing.

Common Return Questions and Answers

  • Why do I have to pay for return shipping? As noted before, if it is our mistake we will not charge you to correct it. It is comonly known that stores that still cover 3rd party shipping costs on returns are making up the differnce somewhere, usually in higher overall prices. We do not feel it is fair to our loyal customers to build these expenses into our prices or offer less sales or discontinue buy more save more discounts. We have no control over anyones personal preference, color as shown on your monitor, you simply do not care for it or no longer need it. Whether you initially paid for shipping or received one of our free shipping offers this is still a 3rd party cost we incurred to ship the item to you. 
  • Why do I have to pay a re-stocking fee? In order to continue to offer you the best price everyday, buy more save more discounts on most of our collections and free shipping offers we must pass on any manufacturer's 15 - 25% restocking fees to our customers that choose to return items for any reason other than being defective. There are online stores that offer to pay shipping both ways and do not charge any restocking fees. Their prices are typically 25 - 33% or more too. We do not feel it would be fair to you or our loyal customers to build these expenses into our pricing. If you know you are a frivilous shopper and tend to return items often, it may be best to shop at the higher priced store. It is expected that you can not return an open CD, DVD, Video game etc... unless it is defective and exchanging for the same. Many retail stores and manufacturer's are starting to initiate the same no return policy for non-defective items especially electronics and household items. We always allow exchanges for defective items although it is rare that it occurs. When you purchase from us or anywhere you expect the item to be new. No one wants to purchase an item only to find it has been used. Please have the same respect and realize these costs must be covered somewhere, it just will not be by us. In the case of bedding used constitues taking an item out of the package while it is outside the store, in a customers possession or home. By law It does not matter if it was out of the package for 30 seconds or two weeks. 
  • Why don't you accept open item returns?  Comforters, duvets, bedspreads, sheets or mattress pads removed from the package after it has left the warehouse can not be resold as new by law.
  • What happens with our return? Most of our returns are shipped directly to the manufacturer in order for them to inspect and if possibly re-package for sale or place in
    their outlet store at a deep discounted price. Items that are shipped back to us may be offered in our clearance department, sold at auction or donated to charity. 

Please call us Toll Free 866-930-0190 or email us at with any questions prior to purchasing.